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Access: De-Nyed

Friday, March 11th, 2011

The level of hysteria and fandom was as viscous as sodium silicate; the roar of the room louder than that of a Boeing 747 engine. People climbing over walls and through windows, and not even to make a horribly ad nauseastic Antoine Dodson reference. You would think that some sort of celebrity was talking about Sudan or directing a movie about necrophilia. Until you noticed all the bowties.

"I missed Bill Nye talk? Dang it!" (Photo Credit to Samir Junnarkar)

Yes, thanks to the Professor Scott Hubbard and the Stanford AIAA, Stanford students congregated upon Building 200 on Wednesday, regardless of major or area of academic interest, to catch an impromptu Q&A session with the Sultan of Science himself: Bill Nye the Science Guy.