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Spring into Spring with the 2012 Course Guide

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Think you know all the ins and outs of spring’s awesome courses?

Story. Of. My. Life.

Ha. Think again. Here, for your pleasure, I have painstakingly compiled a list of the hands-down most awesome, useful, compelling, frightening, GER-fulfilling, enjoyable classes you could ever imagine. Remember  before Chem 31, Math 51, and IHUM… back when you applied to Stanford? Remember how you raved about how excited you were for the “engaging classes”? After reading this article, you’re going to realize you weren’t just saying that. Stanford is killing it next quarter in terms of super-interesting classes, and you have the opportunity to get in on the action. I know Camp Stanford is tempting, but after reading this article, you might actually want to bulk up your course load with some of these. And, speaking of Camp Stanford, the categories are…

Camp Stanford: Whether you’re trying to recover from the carnage of your winter course load or just getting a jump-start on summer laziness/craziness, here are the best classes to keep the thoughts of warm breezes and fun-in-the-sun swirling in your head until June…

  • EARTHSYS 180B: Principles and Practices of Sustainable Agriculture: A course that lets “The Farm” live up to its name. Get outside and onto Stanford’s community farm and others in the area. Enjoy the sun on your neck and a little dirt on your nose. (3-4 units, multiple times)
  • ATHLETIC 80: Lifeguard Training: Didn’t snag the Google internship you wanted? No sweat. Speaking from personal experience, I can attest that lifeguarding is a solid career choice for those  looking to dip their toes in the real world. Make decent cash, get the tan of your life (and hopefully not melanoma… sunblock, guys!) and know that you can save a life if need be.  (2 units, T/Th 12-2, fee)

    Once upon a time...

  • ATHLETIC 51: Beginning Golf: If you were able to make it into this class, I commend you with my highest honors. (1 unit, multiple times, fee)
  • ATHLETIC 320: Backpacking: You might have given up Stanford Sierra Camp to work for a start-up, but maybe this class can scratch your outdoorsy itch before you sell your soul for equity. (1 unit, M 7-9:30) (more…)

Camp Stanford Checklist

Sunday, February 19th, 2012


Happy second Saturday!  First Sunday?  Either way, it’s a three day weekend!  Woooo!!  And you know what this means… time to bust out the Ray Bans and flip flops for some early season sunning.

As spring break approaches and the days get longer, you may find yourself with increasing time and impetus to enjoy the outdoor resources Stanford has to offer.  To help out the freshmen and anyone else new to the notion of Camp Stanford (the theory that in the absence of homework, Stanford is basically an amazing summer camp for twenty-year-olds), here are some suggestions from the peanut gallery on how to maximize your sunshine.

  • Frisbee:  necessary for both daytime and nighttime use.  For after-dark Frisbee golf, I highly recommend one of the light-up ones (glow in the dark ones fade too quickly per “charge”).  There isn’t any one defined “course” for Frisbee golf on campus (though the AxeComm has a pretty good one here), so I recommend just starting at your dorm and connecting the dots from landmark to landmark until you arrive at a fun fountain to splash in.  Be careful in avoiding fragile or damageable targets.
  • Bubbles:  for chillin’ in the Claw, around the Claw, on a roof, or in your dorm courtyard, bubbles are ideal for blowing off some post-midterm steam.  Bubble wands gain you extra awesome points.
  • Outdoor-friendly speakers:  plugs aren’t quite abundant on the Oval, and laptop speakers rarely cut it.  Find some hearty blasters to connect your iProduct to, and jam away!  (the Apple Store in the Stanford Shopping Center has one of the better selections I’ve seen)  Speaking of music, with great speakers you’ll definitely need a… (more…)