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Hey, punk, get a job!!

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

This teacher must be such a n00b.

Despite the antagonistic title, this post is intended to help give Stanford students – especially frosh and sophs – a leg up on finding positions this summer.

You may wonder why I think I can help.  Allow me to rewind to the Kristi of 2009.

In fall 2009, when I entered Stanford, I was not just a n00b.  I was the n00biest of n00bs.  The Grand Poobah of n00bs.  You see, two weeks into my Stanford career, I strutted into Stanford’s Computer Forum Fair with my CV.  And oh, what a CV it was.

Freshman Kristi believed that “MOAR information is ALWAYS better!”, so my whopping six-page CV included every accomplishment ever in my entire life leading chronologically backwards to the “progress card” comments from my early childhood development center.  Which is just a fancy way of saying “preschool.”  Looking back now, it’s pretty comical, but at the time I naively thought, “awww yeah, everybody’s gonna wanna get a piece of this ‘good listener’ who ‘likes to share’!  Get at me, Google!”

Needless to say, I showed up first at the HP booth, where the well-intentioned rep kindly suppressed giggles long enough to provide some editing advice.  I pedaled forlornly back to Stern, trying to keep the metaphorical tail between my legs from getting caught in my bike chain.

Young padawans, I’ve been there and done that so you never have to.  Below I’ve listed my top tips for finding the job that works for you this summer.  I don’t claim to know nearly everything, though, so fellow old-timers are welcome to supplement my advice in the comments!  :)  Hopefully this is a good starting place.  Happy exploring!

Lists are also just generally a good way to keep up with campus events!

Get on lists!

Student groups and departments alike have email lists galore which are a goldmine of opportunities.  The best places to look are minority or special interest groups that are specific to you, like SWE, the Women’s Community CenterSSCLES, the Native American Cultural Center, and SBSE, which often have specific recruitment lists that you can sign up for.  (Forgive me if my examples tend towards techy offerings – it’s what I’m most familiar with!)

Undecided between different departments?  That’s totally fine!  In fact, it might be even better: the more lists you sign up for, the more chances you’ll have at finding your dream summer job.  Not too shabby. (more…)

Brief Thoughts on Career Fair from A Highly Unqualified Candidate

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Career Fair is my version of Christmas, or perhaps a second Bar Mitzvah: a large number of people you don’t know trying to give you free things you’ll never need. Every year, I’ve gone from software engineering table to management consulting booth acquiring pens, bottle openers, usb chargers, and even umbrellas branded with a smorgasbord of logos of companies I will never even consider working for. And then I stop by a few employers  for whom I actually might have some interest: writing jobs (I like to write), think tanks (I’m a public policy major), and environmentalist causes (I heart the Earth), very few of whom have schwag to dole out.

Wow! Thumbs Up! and AOL still exists? were three of the thoughts I had after career fair.

This year, though, was a little different–now, I’m a senior, and I’m supposed to actually be looking for jobs. Instead of: Hi, are you a graduating senior? No, but can I have a free pen?, my conversations went more along the lines of: Hi, are you a graduating senior? Yes! Are you interested in any of the following things [insert CS/EE/SymSys, etc here]? No, but can I have a free pen?

A few thoughts from wandering around the fair:

–Being dressed in a t-shirt and shorts made it much easier to tell what kind of companies I had no interest in from a much further distance, even without my glasses.

–There was a pasta company at the fair. I tried to be their spokesperson, but they did not have any openings in that position.

–Some companies give out really interesting stuff: