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California: Home of the Strangest Politicians

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Granted, there are plenty of strange politicians. Vermont, I’m looking at you. South Carolina, you’ve been weird for a long time. And who can forget New York, home of the tickle?

You can find this between People and Vanity Fair

You can find this between People and Vanity Fair

But really, nobody can compete with the fact that California’s governor is the same man who made Kindergarten Cop, a movie whose tagline is “An undercover cop in a class by himself.” For those who thought that California’s politicians had no place to go but up, I apologize–it just wasn’t meant to be.

First, there’s Carly Fiorina, the controversial former head of Hewlett Packard (and Stanford alum). She’s running to unseat incumbent Senator Barbara Boxer (D), who is up for election. Fiorina tried to make some remarks about the Jewish holiday of Passover, in which you can’t eat bread, and wrote, “As we break bread…” Fiorina’s campaing spokesowman quickly backpedaled on this hilarious faux pas, which is being deemed Matzah-gate, saying, “We meant all bread, leavened and unleavened, and matzo is just unleavened bread so that’s what we meant by that.”

Then there’s Meg Whitman, the billionaire former CEO of eBay who is trying to get the Republican nomination for Governer of California to replace Schwarzenegger. Today, she sent out her “policy book“–better described as a 48-page shiny advertisement–to 1600 libraries across the state, asking them to “display my magazine in their periodicals section so voters can gain a clear understanding of how I will govern, if elected in November.” A magazine bearing your name right in the middle of the periodicals section? Who does she think she is, Oprah?

If magazines and religious faux-pas don’t interest you, there’s something for everyone on November’s ballot: there will be a proposition seeking to legalize marijuana in the state.

California–we’ve got it all, except for money.