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The One, the Only, the 2013 Winter Course Guide

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

It’s that time of year again.

Let’s just say that this is NOT what Thanksgiving looks like at my house…

No, not Thanksgiving. I mean, yes – technically it is time for family drama, dried out Turkey, sleeping in a bed that hasn’t been tainted by years of college kids getting it on, and becoming unnecessarily excited that it’s now socially acceptable to eat truly stupid amounts of pumpkin pie. But that’s not what I’m talking about. Oh no. Not that. I’m talking about something far more important: the TUSB Winter Course Guide.

Yes, I know Axess opened a month ago. I’m sorry I’ve been a little late to the game. As you all know, the quarter system is effing exhausting and often prohibits us from doing those things we really want to do. However, because it’s “Break”, and because the lovely few of my saintly friends who actually follow this blog have been bugging me to get off my keister and actually write the darn thing, and because my brain is downright refusing to let me start the 25 page paper I’m supposed to write before the end of the holiday, and because it has recently been brought to my attention that I have atrocious time management skills, I’m excited to bring you the 2013 Winter  course guide.

Given that I didn’t have a spare week to sit around Starbucks and think up super-amazing themes like “the Muppets”, this time around I’m sticking with a classic: “When I Grow Up”. As always, you can rest assured that this course guide is poorly-informed, overly generalized, and rarely if ever politically correct. As always, I will accept no responsibility for any misery inflicted by taking any of these classes. So enjoy the post, enjoy the break, and – above all – enjoy the fact that we get to do this all over again after New Years. Cheers.


Rank THIS. Students Let Their Opinions Be Known.

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

If you are like me (and for your sake, I pray you’re not), you can recall eagerly counting down the days until the Stanford Course Bulletin came out, pouring over course reviews and old course syllabi, even concocting multiple four year plans and/or spreadsheets of your proposed schedule for the quarter, complete with an elaborate color-coding system to distinguish which classes fulfill which requirement (shhh…it’s okay.  I can stop anytime I want…)

But even if you aren’t hyper-obsessed with course planning, you’ve probably stumbled at least once onto the website Courserank.  In this cyperspace Mecca, students can develop their course schedules, track grades, and – true to its name – rank courses.  So in order to give some legitimacy to the copious amount of hours I spend perusing Courserank, I’ve decided to provide you all with some of my favorite reviews from over the years.  Some of you may be offended, some entertained, some bored, some wondering if I’ve discussed this addiction with my therapist (I have, to answer your question), but if nothing else, maybe you’ll discover a gem of class that will change your life and open your eyes.

…But I wouldn’t bank on it.


“I mean, how hard is it to pipet something into a test tube?”


“Simply put, Tom Kealey is a straight up gangster”


“IHUM sucks.
This one sucks less than others.”

BIO 150

“The Good: robert sapolsky, the fact that they taped the videos, robert sapolsky’s notes, robert sapolsky’s beard”