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Race Across the Outback: Solar Car Takes on the World Solar Challenge

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Xenith, Stanford's current car, proves that solar can be sexy - and FAST!

When’s the last time you traversed an entire continent?  Better yet, when’s the last time you traversed an entire continent using only the power of the sun?

Enter the intrepid members of the Stanford Solar Car Project, who are currently battling it out against the top engineering schools and companies from around the globe in this year’s World Solar Challenge.  Each new Stanford solar car represents two years’ hard work  and thousands of hours of designing, development and testing by this dedicated student-run group operating out of Stanford’s Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Laboratory.  At this moment, team leader Nathan Hall-Snyder and his team of Stanford’s best and brightest engineers are traversing the Australian continent from south to north against teams from all over the world using state-of-the-art solar technology.

The race is going on right now, so don’t miss the opportunity to follow this exciting event!  Check out these links to follow and support the team from afar:

Go Stanford Solar Car!!  Go Cardinal!!


Stanford Unicycle Basketball Documentary (watch here)

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Unicycle basketball is pretty much what you think it is: basketball, played on unicycles. Think Lebron James, but instead of losing in the playoffs he is riding a unicycle.

Connor Hanten and Janessa Nickell made this 5-min documentary for FilmProd 114: Intro to Film and Video Production about Stanford’s nascent team and includes footage of their matchup against Cal during Big Game week this year.

If you were ever wondering what the person always churning out the popular TUSGraphs on the site looked like, look no further: that’s TUSB’s own Charlie Dunn giving an Oscar-worthy performance as himself.