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Dorm Sweet Dorm

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

My frosh residence was Rinconada, aka the best freshman dorm ;)

The class of 2015 will soon realize that transitioning into college involves a bunch of emotions– excitement, anxiety, and homesickness, to name a few. Having a dorm room that makes you feel comfortable might ease the process more than you’d expect. While Stanford’s dorms are pretty nice compared to others, a blank space with a bed and a desk can be intimidating (cinderblock walls don’t exactly scream warm and fuzzy). Here are my tips for how to bring warmth to your space while maintaining some organization and cleanliness. Please leave any comments with tips of your own!  I’ll also provide a list of stores in the area where you and your more concerned parents will find just about everything you might need.

Use as many or as few of these tips as you desire. Don’t worry about making your room “perfect” or getting everything done at the start of the year. If anything, I advise you to get out of your room and meet people; you will be able to add a personal touch to your room as the year progresses. Keeping your door open and getting to know your neighbors trumps decorating every time. If you don’t want any tips, just skip down to the list of stores. I won’t be offended. Remember: don’t hesitate to express yourself in the room but be considerate of your new roommate. If you plan on doing anything that affects the whole space, ask him or her first. Unless you like sleeping with one eye open. (more…)