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TUSGraph: HOW?sing

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

This year, Stanford Housing found a new way to screw up the draw!  They forgot that staff members in row houses get singles, so they overbooked the singles in almost every row house.  The result is mayhem in most of the row houses that will result in either staff members losing their singles (which would be absurd – staff members should quit if they try and force this to happen) or people who got premium rooms in a row house getting doubles or moving to a different house.  It’s just a terrible situation in general, and every year I’m amazed at how housing finds a new way to blow it.

So Many Deadlines, So Little Time

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

If you are like me, Spring Quarter is not just a time of sunshine and frolicking…it’s also a time of brief bursts of panic (or long bursts depending on my mood, level of hunger, and/or the seriousness of the issue) as I realize that I’m moments away from missing one deadline or another.  So to help spare you from some of the anxiety – or at least prepare you for it – here is a heads up on what is going down deadline-wise over the next few weeks:

Thursday, April 15: Deadline to file tax returns (you are most likely too late to mail it in, but e-filing is always an option)

Friday, April 16: Deadline to apply for disability housing for 2010-2011 Draw

Sunday, April 18 (11:59 pm): Deadline to apply first round for Overseas Study for Winter 2010-2011 or for Kyoto Program Spring 2010-2011

Thursday, April 22: Deadline to apply for pre-assignment for 2010-2011 Draw (that includes theme houses, focus houses, and Co-ops)

Sunday, May 9 (6:00 pm): Deadline to apply for regular housing Draw for 2010-2011

*This is just a preliminary list of deadlines I happen to think are particularly relevant.  Feel free to add other important dates in the comments section!