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Finding Jupiter Recorded and Photographed

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Luke, drums

Dean, guitar and vocals

Finding Jupiter has reached a milestone in its career. With full-length album Racing Against the Sun now complete, they’re on their way out of the Stanford bubble and onto the worldwide scene. Like most other successful bands, however, it takes some clever PR maneuvers to cultivate an image and get your name out there. SF Weekly is tired of seeing bands publish cliché photos posed on the side of the road, on the beach, the playground, or in bathrooms, but for some reason, I find it endearing that Finding Jupiter members Sarah, Dean, Peter, and Luke posed innocently in stalls on XOX crappers. It’s one thing to pick a random bathroom as a site for a photo shoot, like Rilo Kiley and Tilly and the Wall did.

Tilly and the Wall

But when that bathroom is in the house that nurtured an artist’s creative juices and allowed them to rehearse uninterrupted, it’s forgiveable. Here’s to you, Finding Jupiter!

Finding Jupiter playing on the XOX Roof (from L to R: Peter, Sarah, Luke, Dean)