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Kappa Sig Gets the Boot

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Tonight, Kappa Sigma lost its housing for next year.

Campus officials originally placed Kappa Sigma on alcohol and party suspension last October after the fraternity was accused of violating Stanford’s Controlled Substances and Alcohol Policy. The event in question occurred during New Student Orientation, a “dry” week. However, though the Stanford chapter kept its charter after the Kappa Sigma national conference, the fraternity still had to pass a University review process.

Kappa Sig will remain on campus until the end of the academic year. There is an appeals process that, according to a former president of the fraternity, Kappa Sig “fully intends to pursue.”

KanYe Makes POWERFUL Comeback With New Single

Friday, May 28th, 2010

All those suckas that wrote Ye off can suck a pickle because Kanye is back!  “Power” will be bumping all memorial weekend long at every party so go download it right now.  Don’t believe me?  Maybe I need to turn on my KanYe caps and tell you that THE TIME FOR TAYLOR SWIFT IS OVER.  NOW WE CAN GET BACK TO LISTENING TO REAL MUSIC.  WEEZY MAY BE GONE BUT YEEZY WILL HOLD THINGS DOWN.  GO AHEAD AND LISTEN FOR YOURSELVES. UNTIL NEXT TIME, THANK YOU AND YOU’RE WELCOME!

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