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New SEQ Changes the Face of Stanford Engineering

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Artist's rendition of the final SEQ design

Stanford has always been the West Coast’s tech Mecca.  Finally, with the advent of new Science & Engineering Quad (SEQ), we’re actually starting to look like it, too.  A decade in the making, the SEQ has blessed Stanford’s techiest with an appropriately grand tribute to Stanford’s world-renowned School of Engineering as well as the amazing facilities needed to maintain and enhance that reputation.

Why the new SEQ?  According to Dean Plummer (SoE) and representatives from the Stanford Challenge, the massive new facilities will enable engineers to work alongside researchers from a variety of fields to solve “large-scale, systems-oriented problems,” focusing on those in medicine, energy and the environment, and national security.  With four new buildings and impressive underground laboratories, the SEQ has the space and the state-of-the-art resources to make Stanford’s vast interdisciplinary goals a reality.

Here’s a layman’s guide to all that is awesome about the new SEQ!

Huang Engineering Center:

Stanford's new center for all things tech

Weighing in at a whopping 130,000 square feet, Huang Engineering is the centerpiece of the impressive new techie stomping grounds.  Huang is the new home to the SoE administration, the MS&E Department , and the Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering, and its high-tech, 300-seat NIVIDIA Auditorium already hosts some of the more popular CS and MS&E lectures on campus.  Huang is physically attached to Y2E2 via a second floor corridor and is also connected to all the other SEQ buildings via various underground labs and tunnels!  Did someone say University-condoned steam-tunneling?!  That’s right, my fellow engineers, we don’t even have to go outside anymore!  Not that I’d personally recommend a subterranean lifestyle, as Huang boasts a series of majestic terraces and trellises with impressive views of the Main Quad. (more…)

Sandwiches for Engineers Or: How Ike’s Place Began at Stanford

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

I have often (though perhaps unfairly) lamented the lack of good food on-campus. Although Palo Alto is but a bike ride away, the Stanford Bubble traps me to dining halls, Subway, Olive’s, Treehouse, and the like. The latest buzz in campus eateries, however, is the opening of Ike’s Place in Huang Engineering Center.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, Ike’s Place began in San Francisco as a sandwich shop on an unsuspecting city block. Soon, lines began to wrap around the building with hungry customers anxious to taste the freshly-baked bread and “dirty sauce.” Offering over 100 sandwiches with silly names such as “Backstabber,” “Napoleon Complex,” and “[Name of Girl I’m Dating]”*, Ike’s Place has become a neighborhood staple with its own rabid fan base, even if it maybe isn’t supposed to be there.

I'm standing at the end of the line.

Likely attracted by the glitz and glamour of our new Engineering Quad, Ike’s Place lies in the heart of the excitement on the main floor of the octagon in the middle of the quad. By the current decorations, you might never know as there isn’t even a sign to indicate its presence. What might tip you off, however, is the long line of what appear to be mostly graduate students. Although it has been open for no longer than maybe a week, business was still strong when I dropped by around 1, hoping to miss the main mealtime madness.