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This Week In Stanford 1/24/12 – 1/30/12

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

App is a buzz word on this campus. In most cases, you hear the term used by a social entrepreneur trying to foist their wares on you. In January, it is just the first syllable of a more harrowing venture.  Apps refer to applications. The long, I-desperately-need-a-real-or-summer-job application. The abroad application. The new leadership position application. And one of the most dreaded and dire ones – the co-term application. If you need a break from the nasty a-p-p, here’s what’s been happening on the Farm.

  • Stanford had a sizable representation on President Obama’s guest list at last week’s State of the Union. Julian Castro, Mike Krieger, and Laurene Powell Jobs made us proud.
  • You heard it folks – IHUM may be coming to an end.  But the shape of the Stanford’s new Freshman Humanities program is not set in stone – it’s up to today’s students to assist our faculty in changing the system.
  • Helen Gurley Brown, former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, has given $30 million dollars to Stanford School of Engineering and the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism to start a new Institute of Media Innovation. It’s an honor that the original Cosmo Girl thinks our engineers can help revamp the media.
  • All we do is win. I feel like I say that a lot. After topping the charts in the humanities, Stanford’s GSB has claimed it own top spot on the international stage.
  • 1035 Campus Drive. Also, formerly formerly known as Kappa Sig. That’s right Stanford – the boys of Kappa Sig have redeemed themselves. They are getting their house back next year.  Hopefully celebrating this occasion won’t land them back in the hot seat.
  • And for the strangest campus news yet, NBC tried to invade Crothers after a recent peeping tom incident. The police arrived and had the reporters leave. But it is curious – how come we were only notified about the peeping tom on his fourth attempt?
Break time is over. Good luck with the job hunt and impending midterms!


Rocking Out on the Last Day of IHUM

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

This morning, “Epic Journeys, Modern Quests” ended spring quarter on an unusual note. The IHUM course’s two professors, Robert Harrison and Dan Edelstein, cut short a panel about the crises of modernity and launched into some ol’ fashioned blues…about Gilgamesh. Harrison put his rocker’s flow into motion with some gritty guitar licks as Edelstein soulfully crowed about the likes of Utnapishtim and Ishtar, ancient Babylonian gods. The concert ended in loud cheers from the packed auditorium, with many students on their feet.

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The professors are founders of a band called Glass Wave, whose music combines classic works of Western literature with the fundamentals of classic rock. The resulting genre? “Cerebral rock,” in which lecture halls become venues and academics become artists. The band has already attracted the attention of local media, and its self-titled debut album, recorded on-campus at CCRMA, is available on iTunes. Although the album’s music somewhat lags behind its lyricism, the passion, knowledge, and creativity of its originators comes through in tracks like “Lolita,” “Nausicaa,” and “Helen.”

Harrison began his course in winter quarter by saying, “A classic is a book that never finishes saying what it has to say.” With projects like Glass Wave, the classics now have a little less work to do.