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FUN FUN FUN FUN. Looking forward to the weekend

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Are you like me?  Do you find anything, anything to distract you from studying for finals?

Does that anything sometimes include making fun of 13 year old girls?  Oh, Ark Music Factory, why did you ever introduce the internet to Rebecca Black’s Friday?

In case you are wondering what I am talking about, here is the video:

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Oh my gosh, it is horrible.  Yes, she spends part of the song explaining the order of the days.  The other half of the lyrics are the phrases “Friday”, “Fun Fun Fun”, and “looking forward to the weekend.”  And in case you were wondering what the song would have been like if Bob Dylan had performed it, there are about a billion fun covers of this song.

And in case Rebecca Black’s video did not fill you up, she has tons of other newly teen-ed friends with videos to laugh at.

Why Justin Bieber?  Why?  Why would you ever open the door  for this?  I blame you!

Suddenly I never want breakfast foods...

Happy Procrastination :)