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Stanford Online – Admit Weekend 2011

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

You applied. You got in. You conquered. And now, Admit Weekend will officially start tomorrow! And I know that’s far too long to wait to  start exploring the Farm! Although its hard to imagine, once you come to this school, the shiny front page that introduces you to Stanford takes a back seat to all the other websites that students use to keep track of their lives.

Here are a few websites you can check out before and after you get here:

It's so pretty! If you can't wait, check out these websites before you arrive.

For current school presidentsASSU

The Associated Students of Stanford University, including an undergraduate executive and senate, spend the year developing programs and initiative to promote wellness, health, academic sanity, and more on campus. From voting efforts to sustainability, this group has a major impact on what happens on our campus.

For those who are more civic mindedHaas Center For Public Service

I honestly think that the Haas Center is an under utilized haven for those interested in public service. So before you get lost in classes and friends, if you have a public service project I suggest you check out the Haas Center before you come.

For the party/event hopper –  Fountain Hop,  Events at Stanford

This is Stanford. President Obama landed here a week ago to chat it up at Facebook. Joseph Gordon Levitt spoke on campus Monday. Stuff happens.


Can I Dibs Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Joseph Gordon-Levitt speaks. Sorry for the meh pics. Dude likes to move around.

When I told my sister that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was coming to speak at Stanford, her exact response was “Whwhwhferdolikftgrol8tgkjiurfikrfik!n!! I AM SO F*CKING JEALOUS! WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT????” I’m not sure how to pronounce the new word(s?) she invented at the start of her text, but it somehow expressed exactly how I felt as the actor/director walked onto the stage yesterday evening at Cubberly.

It’s probably obvious by now that I, like a good 80% of the audience, felt I was no doubt attending a talk by the future father of my children. Somehow Gordon-Levitt is even more charming and likable in person than he is on the screen. He was also incredibly down to earth. My neighbor and I just about lost it when he brought someone up on stage and said, “Hi, I’m Joe.” He was funny, passionate, and grounded, which really allowed me to (kinda) put my star-struck state aside and pay attention to his presentation about

The site was started back in ’05 in order to work collaboratively with people across the world on a wide range of creative projects. People upload their work to hitRECord and it gets “remixed” multiple times until it is released in its final, collectively achieved form. Throughout the night, Gordon-Levitt and his producers showed several recently completed films, including “Morgan M. Morgansen’s Date with Destiny”. (more…)