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If You Want to Save Chi Theta Chi, March on the Vice Provost’s Office This Monday!

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

Chi Theta Chi (XOX) will march on the Vice Provost's office this Monday to fight to maintain its independence.

This Monday, May 14, at 9:30am, the residents, alumni, and friends of Chi Theta Chi (XOX) will march on the office of Vice Provost for Student Affairs to defend the house’s lease before the deaf ears of the Stanford administration. If you want to save this house’s independence, you must join them.

Stanford, a variety of legitimate causes on campus compete for your attention. As a small, close-knit community, XOX does not have a big voice, and it might seem┬ámarginal enough not to merit your attention. But nothing could be further from the truth. The case of XOX represents the way “Mama Stanford” will continue to impose its heavy hand on any students who run afoul of the administration’s nebulous parameters for acceptable conduct. As Kappa Sigma and the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band know from recent experience, once you get on the administration’s bad side, they will come after you like a pack of rabid wolves the next time you slip up, no matter how minor your mistake is, or how little warning you have received.

XOX has faced the worst of this moralistic bullying. With no advance warning, the University decided to revoke XOX’s lease unilaterally; after months of negotiations between the house’s Alumni Board and administration officials, the Vice Provost’s office has only offered to reconsider the house’s lease after a two-year “interim period.” Given the current behavior of the administration, this solution is unacceptable for the following reasons: