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Panel on Digital Dilemmas

Friday, October 28th, 2011

From left to right: Richard Holeton, Christine Alfano, and Matt Ivester discuss reputation management in today's digital landscape.

This past Wednesday evening, the director of Academic Computing Services, Richard Holeton moderated a discussion between  lecturer Christine Alfano, who specializes in digital rhetoric, and Juicy Campus creator Matt Ivester concerning the digital dilemma of reclaiming our online identities.

The evening was split into two sections. In the first part, the panel discussed strategies to control your how you’re portray in mediated environments. This means, they discussed how to take control of your online identity instead of letting it control you. The speakers first introduced the subject by making the audience realize how many first impressions are made through online profiles rather than face-to-face interactions. This was a wake up call for a group of people (young and old) who admittedly Facebook stalked people before they met them. As part of her PWR course, Alfano actually has students pull up their Facebook pages and hand it to their neighbors as way of introduction. They basically warned the audience that they be more careful with what they simply post on Facebook. As Ivester said, nobody wants to “fight something negative before you [even] meet someone.”

What’s more, they also used the example of Alexandra Wallace’s Asian Rant at UCLAto describe the unintended consequences of posting things online. More surprising than the video was the after story that I never heard –  Wallace apparently dropped out of school after receiving death threats and has not returned since. Alfano says her video was most likely filmed in a “collapsed context,” which occurs when people forget the invisible audience online after they create content for their friends. It seems that the single light of your webcam can be misleading. Either way, the video was created and her name is now tied to racism all over the Internet. (more…)