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This Week in Stanford 1/3/12 – 1/9/12

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012
I welcome you back to the Farm with the news.  Once the holidays were in full swing everything got a little hectic so here’s the news from after the New Year!
  • To start with a minor history lesson, explorations by PhD candidate Alexander Lee and Professor Kenneth Schultz in the formerly colonized Cameroon found that little involvement in the colonies had the best long term effects. Does this mean that no colonization had the best results?
  • Standing out. Blending in. Stanford celebs from Condoleezza Rice to John McEnroe to our very own Andrew Luck talk about how much and how little it means to be famous on campus.
  • Ford is going to try to soak in some of our inspiration and bright minds by opening a lab nearby in the Silicon Valley.
  • A PhD maybe more practical and doable than you think. Professor Russell Berman was one of many scholars who recently spoke  out at the recent Modern Language Association meeting that the whole dissertation process needs an upgrade and fast.
  • Alum Esosa Ozigbo ’10, as part of Techbridge, shows disadvantaged 8th grade girls their potential future in science and technology.  I think it’s also a nice reminder for undecided women here on the farm.
  • Mitt Romney had his one stint as a protester here on the Farm. Or really, counter-protester. It seems he attended our university for one year. This once again proves that Stanford has connections every where.
  • I have seen and felt the anger every where, including this blog. But unless someone high up makes a change, Big Game is going to be in October of all times this fall. And students will only have the chance to attend 3 home games.