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Yet Another Hip-Hop Artist to Lecture at Stanford? By Now, It’s Common

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Common will "be" at Stanford. Can I make more puns in this post? Don't try me.

Chamillionaire/QD3. Immortal Technique. Matisyahu. Palo Alto has never before been a hotbed of hip-hop–which is probably why they come to lecture, not perform. Or lecture-slash-perform, better known as lectforming, or just lecturing well.

Perhaps Palo Alto’s street cred as a music-lecture scene is going up, because another lecture is scheduled–this time from the rapper Common on Wednesday, May 26. Common is a widely-respected rapper who has more recently ventured into the film world–he can currently be seen in the New Jersey Nets-centered basketball romantic comedy feature Just Wright with Queen Latifah.

More importantly, though, Common does have a history of activism: he is a animal rights-supporting vegetarian (and, according to PETA, a not-to-shabby-looking one). He’s also pledged to stop using anti-gay slurs in his lyrics and censored the N-word after prompting from Oprah.

This event, sponsored by ASSU speakers, promises to be “an evening of music and meaning.” Sound familiar? Last month, Matisyahu was here to talk about the strangely similar topics of “music and meaning.

The details: Wednesday, May 26th, 2010. 8pm. MemAud. FREE with SUID. Doors open at 7:30pm. Get your FREE tickets Monday – Wednesday (5/24 – 5/26) in White Plaza from 12-1PM. 1 ticket per SUID and 2 SUIDs per person.

Stop, Children, What’s That Sound?

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

The Hoover Tower Carillon

Students outside around 4 pm yesterday might have noticed two unusual things: the sun was out, and the air was filled with the ringing of bells. Hoover Tower is not typically known as a source of song, but it has recently turned into Stanford’s biggest musical stage. The cause is no automated system of chimes. Behind the bells is Dr. Timothy Zerlang, the Farm’s official carillonneur.

Professor Zerlang has played the tower’s carillon for several different occasions this spring, which include a memorial service and yesterday’s Bing Concert Hall groundbreaking. The increase in performances has lent a festive air to campus usually reserved for Commencement, in which Professor Zerlang will also give two concerts.

In keeping with the tower’s political presence on campus, the main bell in the instrument has an inscription that reads, “uno pro pace sono [I ring only for peace.]” Professor Zerlang will be conducting teaching and practicing sessions on Mondays and Fridays this quarter. As these melodies of peace spread across the Farm, perhaps the more hawkish members of the Hoover Institution will take note.

10 Things To Do This Weekend

Friday, April 16th, 2010

1) Get cultured. SOCA (Stanford Organizing Community for the Arts) is presenting the 11th annual An Art Affair, this weekend in White Plaza, part the reason all those white tents popped up earlier this week.  With over 350 pieces of visual art and installations, tons of student performances and FREE FOOD (fyi, The Cheesecake Factory caters on Friday), it’s the perfect way to be amazed by some of Stanford’s incredibly talented students.

2) FutureFest, aka the other reason all those white tents are in White Plaza.  Presented by GAIA (Green Alliance for Innovative Action), this Saturday from 1pm-7pm, Stanford will celebrate all things green and environmentally friendly with activities, Sustainable Fashion Show, and student performances. The headliners of the day include  Mr. Van Jones himself, the former green jobs advisor to Pres. Obama, as the speaker and the always entertaining De La Soul will be closing musical act.

3) Enjoy singing, dancing and fairy tales gone awry? If yes, then you still have time to see Ram’s Head spring musical Into The Woods this weekend before it ends its run.  As it’s biggest production of the year, the musical promises to be memorable one.

4) Stanford Women’s Leadership Conference. If you’re female and you like to lead, this is the place to be.  Put on by the WCC (Women’s Community Center), the conference is meant help women empower each other through networking and inspiring guest speakers.

5) Study for those midterms coming up next week.  Just a thought.


Photo Slideshows!

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

I love photography. There is something about capturing real life that is so beautiful and exciting to me: a flash frame of life, frozen on film forever.
A while back, I found a photo slideshow from this guy named George Lange. He does portraits and they are amazing. They make you just want to run out with your camera and start snapping away.

George Lange 2006 Photo Flipbook

Inspired, I made my own slideshow. I call mine Stanford Portraits – they are all pictures I took one day in White Plaza earlier this year with some green posterboard. It was a lot of fun: I asked people to do a regular shot and then a silly shot. I love the results.

Stanford Portraits

2,000 Free CDs. You know you want one…

Saturday, May 5th, 2007

Ten reasons YOU should get one or several copies of the Stanford Soundtrack Vol. 6:

  1. The music is great.
  2. 20 tracks from the best Stanford bands and musicians.
  3. The packaging is totally awesome, and you know you want it on your shelf.
  4. Did I mention it’s free?
  5. Take some home to friends and family — it’s the coolest Stanford souvenir you’ll find on campus.
  6. It’s volume six, which means, if you have any of the past volumes (volumes one-five), you should complete your collection.
  7. You might have missed the Soundtrack CD Release party, but you can party to this CD.
  8. Your friends are either on the Soundtrack, or, if you are at all the kind of cool Stanford student I assume you to be, you have probably seen some of the bands play at campus parties, or at the CoHo or Moonbeans.
  9. You love music.
  10. You love Stanford.

You can pick up your free copy from the CoHo, or from the unofficial SOCA warehouse, the SICA office — in Roble Gym, first office on your right after you enter.


Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

This year’s An Art Affair (Stanford’s largest student-organized arts festival) will be taking place in White Plaza this weekend, Saturday April 14th (6pm-Midnight), and Sunday April 15th (10am-4pm). Check out the tents going up in White Plaza!
An Art Affair is now in it’s 8th year, and is bigger than ever before. This year, the festival joined with Stanford Community Day (April 15th) as a celebration of the Stanford arts community.
Some new additions this year include:
A Workshop Stage for student groups to give workshops following their performance on the Main Stage, FREE gourmet FOOD for Stanford students from the Cooking Club, special guest performances by KENNY ENDO and STANFORD TAIKO and GAMO DA PAZ and KUUMBA AFRICAN DANCE AND DRUM ENSEMBLE, and an extended schedule spanning two days– moving the Stanford Soundtrack CD Release Party to Saturday night, and the general festivities to Sunday to coincide with Community Day.
Here’s what you can expect at An Art Affair:
Over 60 performances on three stages, over 200 peices of visual art and photography on display (in two tent galleries), 3,000 free copies of the Stanford Soundtrack CD, 11 workshops from student organizations, FREE FOOD (on both days!) for Stanford students with SUID, and tabling from arts groups — all to showcase the Stanford arts community in this annual celebration.
The festival is organized each year by the Student Organizing Committee for the Arts (SOCA). It is one of the largest and most ambitious student-organized events on campus, and is the biggest arts event of the year. Do not miss it!
Full Art Affair Program Details