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Stanford’s Hidden Treasures: Jasper Ridge

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

In my three years at Stanford, I’ve come to discover just how much there IS to discover on our beautiful campus.  Like a lot of students, I tend to stick to my normal haunts without too much variation: Stern dining, my dorm, the gym, the Row, Hewlett 200.  On  the plus side I now know that I can leave lunch at exactly 1:11 pm and arrive perfectly on time for class in the Quad at 1:15 pm,  but the downside is I often miss taking in some of the many wonders our campus has to offer.  So in an effort to savor my last year at Stanford, I’ll be writing a series of posts for your viewing pleasure (or viewing apathy) illuminating some of the lesser-known and/or under-appreciated parts of Stanford.

0811_001 jrbp annual report

First on my list?  Japser Ridge Biological Preserve.  I first stumbled upon this gem, located about a 20-minute Marguerite ride from the Oval, as a result of my Bio 44Y class (or as I sometimes like to think of it, “Introduction to Nature Walks”).  At approximately 1,100 acres, Jasper Ridge constitutes of about 1/7 of Stanford’s total land and has been host to the research of 9 different Stanford departments in the past five years.  Although my natural inclination whilst wandering the trails was to keep my eyes glued to the ground for poison oak, I could help but be awestruck by the rolling hills, lush greenery, and sparkling lake down below.  With the wildflowers just about to burst into bloom, now is the best time to take advantage of this stunning biological preserve.  Contact Carolyn Taylor at (650) 851-6813 to schedule a tour.  And for the real nature enthusiasts out there, think about taking the two quarter sequence Bio 96A/B: The JRBP Docent Training program.  Whatever you do, just make sure you make your way to Jasper Ridge at least once before you graduate – the view alone is worth it.