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This Week in Stanford 4/17/12 – 4/23/12

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Although other schools may be winding down, Stanford is getting into full swing! With the upcoming Admit Weekend and May flowers already blossoming all over campus, it’s a good time for Stanford. Here’s what’s happening on and off the farm.

  • Is Stanford Get Rich U? This article goes over the history and future of Stanford, as it feeds talent and ideas into Silicon Valley and subsequently the world at large. It also raises a tricky question – should we evenallow the open connection between Stanford and Silicon Valley?
  • Every day I’m dazzled by what my trusty smartphone can do. Now it can even help diagnose oral cancer. Thanks to OScan, created by professor Manu Prakash, we can now implement smartphones for oral health purposes in areas where larger machines may not be feasible.
  • Fumbling photographers (including myself), rejoice!  Stanford research has lead to the creation of the Lytro camera, that allows the both photographer and viewer to refocus a picture after it’s been taken. The camera catches light rays, rather than pixels adding greater flexibility in altering the raw image.
  • The art of pillow fort making is a fundamental lesson we should all carry with us into adulthood. Architects and engineering scholars around the country, including Stanford assistant professor Michael Lepech share tools of the trade.
  • Not only does Stanford want to promote peace in mind and body, they want to facilitate it. Plans for a new contemplation center have just been approved. The center is still a long ways off  – construction will not begin until the summer of 2013. Oh, and don’t forget the many changes coming to freshman requirements.
  • Coursera, the Stanford scientist led venture in MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) will begin to host humanities courses starting this upcoming fall.  The education portal’s creator’s have a partnership with 5 other major universities. If you’ve ever yearned to learn poetry at UPenn or history at Princeton along with good ol’ Stanford CS, now’s your chance!