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Pillow Fight on the Quad?

Monday, June 6th, 2011

PILLOW FIGHT! – If you haven’t heard yet, what may be the most wonderfully stress-relieving of all study breaks is taking place this Tuesday on the quad. Starting at 12PM a few hundred students will be  there smacking the stress out of each other for an hour or so. Whether you are celebrating the end of your finals or taking a little break before the last stretch, grab a pillow, throw on some PJs and head to the quad tomorrow afternoon!

Pillow Fight

It's kind of hard to find a tasteful picture of a pillow fight.

If you are looking for a break right now, you have come to the right place. The main sources of my procrastination this time around have been Stumble Upon,, and Tastefully Offensive. You know you need to stop procrastinating when you come across the same video on all three of those sites…which I have done thrice now. Some things are just adorable and touchingSome videos leave me wondering, “was that funny or sad?” Other stuff has me questioning my sanity (should I really have watched even a couple minutes of the Real Life Nyan Cat video and laughed for most of that time? Probably not). Speaking of procrastinating, I should probably get back to work. Best of luck on finals and don’t forget to bring a pillow on Tuesday!