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This Week in Stanford 1/31/2012 – 2/6/2012

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

It’s cold outside, but things are heating up on campus. Or really buckling down. Despite dances, and tests, people have still found time to teach us a few, new interesting facts.

  • Stop reading this blog. Get off the Internet. Or at least tell this to your little siblings. The predictions that spending to much time online is bad for you seem to be valid.  New studies conducted at Stanford have found that multitasking online is harming the emotional and social health of preteens.
  • Those grossly exaggerated rumors about how many Stanford students find their spouses here may finally be in decline. Unfortunately, the death of marriage will probably more of an influence than any truths.  Michael Rosenfeld, a sociologist here at Stanford, chimed in on why more singles than ever are disinclined or uncertain of whether they want to get married.
  • If you needed another reason to stay for Commencement, the Senior Class Presidents just announced this year’s speaker. The Class of 2012 will be  given a farewell speech by alum Cory Booker, current Mayor of Newark, NJ  and forever a Stanford football player and Rhodes Scholar. Do you have any thoughts on who the speaker  should be?
  • Despite its close proximity to our university, and our campus’s love of all things involving start ups, Stanford students believe Facebook will forever be a Harvard company. This is our  town. Why would we let the East invade? I think this topic should be up for debate.
  • Are you thinking of consulting or investment banking for your summer internship? Or are you going to Stop the Brain Drain happening at top universities? Alum Teryn Norris has started a campaign to highlight the fact that there are other options than the financial industry post-graduation for job-seeking students.
I’m sure more things happened around campus, but alas I have papers to write. If you have notable news, make sure to share it in the comments below!