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TUSB’s 2010 Fall Course Guide: Serenity Now!

Monday, August 30th, 2010

School is nigh, which means that indecision about classes is also nigh. We at The Unofficial Stanford Blog, however, want to help you out: we’ve selected some of the most highly recommended and some of the most-ludicrous sounding classes for our quarterly course guide. Add anything to the comments that we missed–your feedback is greatly appreciated. [Also check out past installments of our Course Guides here.] Without further ado:

What's with the quarter system? There's only three of them!

Listen up, MoPhos!
Music 220A: Fundamentals of Computer-Generated Sound
MoPho, by the way, is Stanford’s mobile phone orchestra, in which everyone’s instrument is their iPhone.

Nostalgia for Anyone Who Lives Outside of California
CEE 63: Weather and Storms
Our resident meteorology geek gave this class a review of “awesome.”

Wherein People Do Not Frown Upon Drinking in Class
FRENLANG 60D: French Viticulture (Also known as: Wine Tasting)
You probably didn’t get into this class this quarter. Try next quarter.

If You Want to Actually Think About Deep Moral Questions and How They Relate To Our Lives (not that Wine Tasting isn’t, though)
SURG 150: Principles and Practice of International Medical Humanitarianism in Surgery
The course description states, “Summer internship opportunities for international health service with subsidized travel for top students.” Also, it sounds really interesting.

ETHICSOC 177M: Human Rights & Moral Questions

ETHICSOC 10: Ethics in Theory and Practice (also known as Ethics@Noon)
A 1-unit weekly ethics speaker series.