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Vicious Cycle

Monday, February 27th, 2012


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Top 13 Things to Make You Feel Productive When You Are Actually Procrastinating

Monday, December 5th, 2011

#1. Do your laundry. You can only turn your socks inside out for so long.

#2. Vacuum your room. Thoroughly enjoy the sound of all the little grainy particles getting sucked up through the tube.

#3. Download all of the updates your computer keeps reminding you about. Resist the reflex to hit “Remind Me Later”.

#4. Make/Confirm/Reconfirm your travel arrangements for Winter break. And Spring Break. And Summer break…

#5. Refill any prescriptions you might have.

#6. Create the perfect holiday playlist. Nothing rings in the holiday season like hearing “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer” or “The Night Santa Went Crazy“.

#7. Find the perfect gift for that person who is impossible to buy gifts for.

#8. Figure out an exit strategy for when you run into that awkward ex over break.

No, you don't need a third glass of eggnog...

#9. Go to the gym/go for a run/do an ab workout. Armies of  gingerbread people are marching out of ovens as I write this. Here is my motivation.

#10. Buy/make stationary and/or thank-you notes. You’ll be needing them shortly.

#11. Call your parents/grandparents/other extended family. They love hearing from you and it has been a while…

#12. Download apps like Concentrate and/or SelfControl. Use them.

#13. Make a list of everything you have to do during dead week/finals and create a schedule for when you’ll get it all done. Starting… eventually.

Bonus! #14. Write a post for The Unofficial Stanford Blog. It works. Trust me.

Pillow Fight on the Quad?

Monday, June 6th, 2011

PILLOW FIGHT! – If you haven’t heard yet, what may be the most wonderfully stress-relieving of all study breaks is taking place this Tuesday on the quad. Starting at 12PM a few hundred students will be  there smacking the stress out of each other for an hour or so. Whether you are celebrating the end of your finals or taking a little break before the last stretch, grab a pillow, throw on some PJs and head to the quad tomorrow afternoon!

Pillow Fight

It's kind of hard to find a tasteful picture of a pillow fight.

If you are looking for a break right now, you have come to the right place. The main sources of my procrastination this time around have been Stumble Upon,, and Tastefully Offensive. You know you need to stop procrastinating when you come across the same video on all three of those sites…which I have done thrice now. Some things are just adorable and touchingSome videos leave me wondering, “was that funny or sad?” Other stuff has me questioning my sanity (should I really have watched even a couple minutes of the Real Life Nyan Cat video and laughed for most of that time? Probably not). Speaking of procrastinating, I should probably get back to work. Best of luck on finals and don’t forget to bring a pillow on Tuesday!

A Procrastinator’s Guide to YouTube

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Rather than check Facebook and get sucked into an abyss of uninteresting statuses and frat party photos, take a study break to watch a YouTube video or two.  Here are a few of the best sorted by topic:

Good ‘Ol Physical Mishap

Questionable whether or not anyone in this video should be jumping hurdles…

or running at all…

Scarlet Takes a Tumble– the name says it all

…why does this child have a webcam

I still don’t understand why she’s wearing a clown mask

Respect your elders…or else

Her sister is cold blooded

The Future of Music?

Tone Deaf & Frustrated

A pretty good representation of OJ Da Juiceman, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka

Move aside Lady Gaga

This is only one song…there is a treasure trove Try ‘Fried or Fertilized’ or ‘Sex Syrup’


Tell me Rehdogg, why do you cry?

Midterm Week is Gnarly.

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

If you’re anything like me, all of your classes seem to be hitting midterms at the same time.  Here’s my list of the 10 things I use to survive the week.  In no particular order:

1.)  2-Minute Dance Parties!!! This one only really works if you are in your room or if you have no shame.  I wouldn’t mind

Imagine seeing this girl in south stacks. I bet she gets straight A's.

dancing in public, but if that’s not your thing go ahead and skip this one.  Seriously try it!  After two minutes of shaking your groove thing, you feel refreshed, happier, and your brain doesn’t feel so fried.

2.) Naps. I know you’ve probably already discovered the power of a good nap, but I can’t get over it.  Even just a 20 minute nap can be enough to get me going again.  Especially if you’ve been burning the midnight oil, this one seems to work wonders for me.

3.) Late Nite. I don’t feel the need to explain this one.