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This Week in Stanford 11/8/11 – 11/14/11

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

There are only a few things that have mattered this past week –


2. No more midterms?

But seriously, here’s your weekly update on all things Stanford from the last week:

  • Stanford computer scientists have developed a computational pathologist (meaning cancer doctor) that is more accurate than trained pathologists. This is good for cancer, bad for doctors.
  • Even though  students fought tooth and nail to prevent the ROTC from coming to campus, the Faculty Senate decided to welcome  them with open arms. As it turns out, the ROTC might not want to come to our campus anyways.
  • My camera is a measly 8.2 megapixels. The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center  has outdone itself by planning a billion pixel or 3.2 gigapixel camera for in order to study space. And I thought HD was too detailed.
  • The Bechtel International Center is now offering a noncredit, free class to international scholars as a way to introduce them to “Silicon Valley Life.” It introduces them to the lingo and culture of the valley. I just have one question – can anyone else take this? This would be helpful to anyone from outside Palo Alto (i.e. me).
  • The overseas study program has reopened its Summer Seminar programs. Interested students can apply for Summer 2012.
  • The New Yorker recently honored Stanford alumna Edith Head. Besides being a fashion icon in the film industry, she had a fascinating relationship with Pat Nixon, wife of Richard Nixon. It’s refreshing to read about non-CS alumnus.

But I Thought Smart, Caring Citizens Voted: Your 2011 ASSU Reality Check (Part 2)

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Read Part 1 here.

Diddy is voting for Fantastic 4teen.

On this eve before the voting commences, this Reality Check wraps up with a review on the referendum that’s got everybody’s gender-neutral underwear in a twist, a call for citizens to action, and an uninspired joke about Mayor McCheese.

Referendum A

Despite a ringing endorsement from Obama himself (Lord, forgive me for linking to The Weekly Standard), ROTC is strug-guh-ling to return to Stanford a 41-year exile. Honestly, it’s amazing how little people mention the history of its banishment. This issue literally almost tore this campus apart back in 1970. Next time you have a moment, track down a 1970 Stanford Quad to see some crazy photos. Back  then, the issue was about publicly supporting the military when they were engaged in a war nobody wanted to be in. Now, it’s a battle of weary ROTC commuters vs. advocates for trans equality. Stanford is weird. (more…)