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Film Festivals and Series at Stanford

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

So, I’ve always felt like I had a good sense of the arts events on campus, due to my involvement with SOCA, Art Affair, the art and music departments, my friends and various classes I’ve taken across the breadth of the University during my undergrad, but recently, as I am moderating a comprehensive arts & entertainment calendar this school year, I have discovered I had NO IDEA how many film events, screenings, festivals, auditions and productions take place on campus each year.
After doing a little investigative work, and looking back through the calendar for the year, pinging the Stanford Film Society list, and sifting through websites and events, I’ve put together a (hopefully) complete list of the festivals and regular screenings that take place on campus this year – next year, who knows?
Film Festivals:

Film Series Screenings: