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This Week in Stanford 12/6/11 – 12/19/11

Monday, December 19th, 2011


Forgive me Stanford, for there were finals. I didn’t have a chance to post the news last week since I was (attempting) to study diligently and it kind of got lost on my to-do-list. But I’m free. I’m home. And just because I’m not in the Bay Area doesn’t mean I don’t know what’s happening there.

  • In probably the biggest news of the last week, Stanford dropped its bid for the NYC campus giving room for Cornell to swoop in with their engineering center. The pure unadulterated California spirit that pervades our school is saved.
  • Andrew Luck didn’t win the Heisman. Although he was a runner-up at the Heisman award ceremony, he’s not only No. 1 at Stanford, but he may be taking that spot in the NFL draft pick next year.
  • Stanford doesn’t Occupy Wall Street. We don’t Occupy our campus. We Occupy the Future. ┬áThe SF Chronicle covered the event, offering a way for students to gain insight into why faculty and administrators alike may have invited them to the event.
  • Stanford admitted755 profros in early admission! This might be a little premature, but welcome to the farm! Or, really, it’s an awesome place and we hope they join us here.
  • Fiesta Bowl game tickets are gone. Vamooshed. Or in literal terms – sold out. If you’d like to get one still, I would start chatting up friends and alums.
  • We’ve ditched the engineering school in NYC and now Stanford is making plans for a much needed expansion of the campus’s artistic space. They’re going to add a new gallery and an academic building. We already have an engineering quad – it’s nice to finally see the arts get a space of their own.
  • Stanford’s ever growing offering of free classes are making waves in our credential heavy society. In this op-ed, Carey discusses how free courses from universities like Stanford are changing the meaning of “higher” education.
  • And just to end on a little known fact, other research teams are finding support for a Stanford study that says we can hallucinate color. The blog looks red – but is it really?

Otherwise, enjoy the holidays and break!