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Stanlang 101: Crash Course in Stanford’s Lingo

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Stanford foiled me once again, Class of 2015. I was really pumped to be teaching you all the in’s and out’s of Stanford’s quirky language but I sadly did my research and realized that our dear university beat me to it:

AD – Academic Director. Professor advisor with an office in your residence who is a key resource for you during your pre-major years.
All Nighter (to pull an…) – A common phenomenon, especially when it’s time for final exams.
ASSU – Associated Students of Stanford University – the student government.
The Axe – The symbol of rivalry between Stanford University and our traditional rival, U.C. Berkeley (Cal). The Axe is awarded each year to the school winning the Big Game.
Axess – The student information system for registering, reviewing grades, changing addresses and other administrative tasks.
BART – Bay Area Rapid Transit. A subway system which carries passengers throughout the San Francisco area.
Big GameThe annual football matchup against rival Berkeley. Traditionally it’s the last, most highly anticipated football game of the season.
BollardsThe metal and wooden posts strategically placed on campus to: 1) keep cars out; and 2) impale hapless bikers.
CaltrainA commuter rail system running between San Francisco and San Jose. Don’t have a car? This is your best bet to get to “the City”.
CardinalStanford’s mascot: The color, not the bird!
The CityKnown as San Francisco to non-Bay Area residents, it’s the cultural center of the Bay Area and popular with students when they want to get off campus.
The ClawNickname for the fountain in White Plaza, between the Bookstore and Old Union.