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Pillow Fight on the Quad?

Monday, June 6th, 2011

PILLOW FIGHT! – If you haven’t heard yet, what may be the most wonderfully stress-relieving of all study breaks is taking place this Tuesday on the quad. Starting at 12PM a few hundred students will be  there smacking the stress out of each other for an hour or so. Whether you are celebrating the end of your finals or taking a little break before the last stretch, grab a pillow, throw on some PJs and head to the quad tomorrow afternoon!

Pillow Fight

It's kind of hard to find a tasteful picture of a pillow fight.

If you are looking for a break right now, you have come to the right place. The main sources of my procrastination this time around have been Stumble Upon,, and Tastefully Offensive. You know you need to stop procrastinating when you come across the same video on all three of those sites…which I have done thrice now. Some things are just adorable and touchingSome videos leave me wondering, “was that funny or sad?” Other stuff has me questioning my sanity (should I really have watched even a couple minutes of the Real Life Nyan Cat video and laughed for most of that time? Probably not). Speaking of procrastinating, I should probably get back to work. Best of luck on finals and don’t forget to bring a pillow on Tuesday!

A Procrastinator’s Guide to YouTube

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Rather than check Facebook and get sucked into an abyss of uninteresting statuses and frat party photos, take a study break to watch a YouTube video or two.  Here are a few of the best sorted by topic:

Good ‘Ol Physical Mishap

Questionable whether or not anyone in this video should be jumping hurdles…

or running at all…

Scarlet Takes a Tumble– the name says it all

…why does this child have a webcam

I still don’t understand why she’s wearing a clown mask

Respect your elders…or else

Her sister is cold blooded

The Future of Music?

Tone Deaf & Frustrated

A pretty good representation of OJ Da Juiceman, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka

Move aside Lady Gaga

This is only one song…there is a treasure trove Try ‘Fried or Fertilized’ or ‘Sex Syrup’


Tell me Rehdogg, why do you cry?

Mah Na Mah Na!!

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Love me some Beatles

Tired of staring at endless pages / screens / notebooks full of words?  You’re not alone.  To relieve the occasionally oppressive influences of the English language whilst studying intensively for your finals, here’s my short list of fun songs with distinctly nonsense word sections.  Rock out to these while studying.  Or “studying.”   Whichever the case may be.

Happy jamming!

P.S.  This is by no means an exhaustive list.  I welcome any and all song suggestions – the more nonsense words, the better!

Staff Picks: What Not To Study for Finals

Friday, March 12th, 2010

You could spend your time effectively studying for finals, or you could spend your time effectively procrastinating for finals. We at TUSB have selected some of our favorite time-using (wasting carries such a negative connotation, you know?) sites that will, at the very least, brighten your outlook on some of the subjects you’re studying.
Picture 15.pngHISTORY: Sometimes, historical figures are inspiring; other times, they are destructive; sometimes they’re crazy; and sometimes they’re badass.
ENGLISH: A topic sentence might get the reader’s attention, but so will a big-ass message. See picture for example.
POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY: As long as the value of humor is based on the labor expended to make the joke funny, Marx is ok with it.
PHYSICS: Mechanics is a beautiful thing. E and M–well, ok, that’s good too.
MUSIC: Think of this as sort of a practice exam.
Good luck on finals, and try not to blame us if you procrastinate a little too well…

Free Ride to Free Food

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Sick of “studying” (i.e. procrastinating at Late Night)? Looking for something to liven up dead week? You’re not alone. Luckily for us, the ASSU Executive and Chevy have partnered up to give Stanford students a study break during one of the most stressful times of the quarter. chevy.jpg
Tonight and tomorrow from 8PM to 12AM, you can line up at the Escondido turnaround to get chauffeured to Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, or McDonalds in a new Chevy vehicle. Each student is treated to eight dollars worth of food, which goes a long way at such fine dining establishments. Plus, everyone knows that free food inherently tastes better. To sweeten the deal, they’ve thrown in goody bags (which include a power bar and some earplugs) to help you survive the upcoming week. To top it off, Chevy provides each group of students with a Flip Camcorder to capture their thoughts on dead week and how to get through finals (or use it as a chance to get discovered). The best videos will be posted online where your friends and family can check up on your sanity.
You still have an hour tonight and between 8PM and 12AM on Wednesday to participate. Your text books aren’t going anywhere and as far as finals are concerned… oh well. So get over there, sign that waiver we neglected to read, and get some grub.
-Megan and Camira

Get More Out of Stanford: The Ultimate Stanford To Do List

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Green Teas with Bob Siegel.jpgApparently, my own “Ultimate To Do List,” which entails thinking about finishing my reading for the quarter, is not the only one around: undergraduate library enthusiasts Green Teas are hosting an event to tell us about all the cool things we probably already should have done or will likely fail to complete in our time at school.
The event will feature virology/immunology/African-country-studying/Stanford expert and HumBio professor Bob Siegel, creator of the Stanford Safari Sophomore College (which I was a part of.) If it’s anything like that, I highly recommend going to this event–Sophomore College was one of the best experiences I’ve had at Stanford.
Then, after Siegel’s talk, Green Teas is hosting ‘hanging-out’ in Special Collections. Not recommended for those who have a tendency to clumsily break stuff.

Les Jeux Olympiques d’hiver

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

(For those of you who were annoyed by my pretentious use of French for the title of this posting: hey, learn to deal. It’s called enforced multiculturalism.)
The Vancouverites were all in a huff about the “exorbitant costs of the hockey pavilion” and the “grotesque amount of public funding being diverted into frivolous projects”. Et cetera, et cetera.
There is a ridiculous excess of grouchy garrulous radio pundits in Vancouver. I assure you.
But now that the Games have actually begun, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain that cynicism in the face of so much glittery figure-skating costume jewelry.
Things are really starting to become intense, now that Evgeni Plushenko has sashayed his way back onto the ice.
Take a study break from the rash of week 7 problem sets. Organize some form of dorm-wide TV advertisement-appreciation party, complete with intermittently interspersed clips of spandex-bound athletic types flouncing around snow-capped British Columbian mountains.

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Yoga, Juice Bars, Cookies and… Puppies?

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

SafeRedirect.jpgThe midterm doldrum has set in.
9AM lecture attendance has stripped down to the stalwart few. I’ve had to forcibly suppress the urge to photograph the sparsely-populated aisles in sepia-tone and use it as some kind of pretentious symbol for the quandary of educational dystopia… Or whatever.
I’m sure I’m not the only one on campus excited, curious, or even vaguely bemused by the events taking place next week.
Voila. The 2010 Wellness Week Itinerary!
Puppy/Kitten Study Break (11:00AM-2:00PM @ White Plaza)
Fred Luskin: Less Stress and More Happiness (7:30PM-8:30PM @ Braun Lecture Hall)
Yoga with Pavel Dmitriev (8:30PM-9:30PM @ Sanctuary Room in Old Union)
Stress-Buster Meditation Workshop (8:00PM @ Wellness Room in Old Union)
Movie [The Soloist] and Discussion [popcorn provided!] (8:00PM @ The Bridge)
Project Love Cookes [free home-made cookies!] (11:00AM-1:00PM)
Out of Sight, Out of Mind [STAMP dramatic monologues] (7:30PM @ Gavilan Lounge)
Wellness Party: Take a Mental Break (8:00PM @ Wellness Room in Old Union)
Lift the Duck [duck-watching and sidewalk-chalking] (11:00AM-2:00PM @ The Claw)
SPOM Panel with Free Pizza (6:00PM @ Old Union 200)
(If you’re wondering about the strange image with the gaping seals, don’t ask. I’m sure they’re supposed to somehow remind us of sanguine states of being. They look pretty pleased with themselves about something, at any rate.)

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