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It’s (Unfortunately) Sunny in Cambridge.

Sunday, April 11th, 2010
john harvard cold

"I like the frost. It keeps me on edge." - John Harvard

Cloud, wind and rain have certainly put a bit of a damper on the first few weeks of the spring quarter. Meanwhile, our friends on the East Coast have been enjoying some much needed sunshine.

In this opinion piece published last Wednesday, however, a writer for the Harvard Crimson embraced bad weather as a cornerstone of academic success. Some excerpts:

Picture a rainy Saturday night with temperatures just above freezing. You were planning on going out, but by the time you walked across campus you would not only be soaked but shivering as well. To avoid this potentially traumatic experience, you decide to stay in and work on that problem set you had been putting off all week. End result: one completed problem set and one less awkward drunken hookup.

So we pale and dry-skinned Harvard students may not be able to boast a vacation-like climate, but we can rejoice in knowing that because of the bad weather in Cambridge we ultimately grow closer to the superhuman individuals we expect ourselves to become. Each dismal day takes us farther down the path of success, eliminating distractions and thankfully giving us no option but to concentrate on our studies. The occasional cheery days that Cambridge does enjoy are not enough to distract us from our main purpose at Harvard—to become wealthy future world leaders and save people from poverty and other injustices across the globe.

Delusion, rationalization, or simply satire fallen flat, this is strange logic for cold times. What’s more, we pride ourselves on saving the world without giving up that perfect tan. The comments on the piece display a similar sentiment. Perhaps reader “kickinincali” put it the best:

Well there’s the difference between a Stanford student and a Harvard student. Stanford students take their work seriously, but not themselves.

Thanks to ASSU Senator-elect Juany Torres for discovering the article.