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Vicious Cycle

Monday, February 27th, 2012


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Monday, November 15th, 2010

Do you know this word?  I learned it a few weeks ago.  As defined on urban dictionary: a pervasive thought or thought pattern that replicates itself via cultural means.  So in terms of college culture, it’s anything that you see on facebook from one of your friends at another school and then hear someone in your dorm talking about later.

For example, the bed intruder song:

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YouTube Direkt

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t seen this video.  My parents included.  I also have friends who say double rainbow instead of intense.

Stanford’s newest Meme is likealittle, which started exculsively at Stanford, and only just recently opened up to other college campuses.  It’s a little flirting page, where you can say where you are on campus, vaguely describe the person you’re looking at, and then say something flirtatious/cute/creepy.

I think it started out more cute than it is now (why do the sketchies have to ruin everything?), but now it has mostly just sexual innuendos.  My personal favorite was  a likealittle that was at the football game describing a number twelve saying, “You can penentrate my red zone.”  I don’t know how I would take that if I were Andrew Luck.

Which brings up the point, what’s the deal with likealittle?  Is it cute, is it sketchy, is it awkward, or what?  Let me know what you think.  Do you know people who actually use it and check it constantly?  Do you know anyone who has actually hooked up with someone they liked but were too afraid to say anything to because of likealittle?

I asked the creators why they did it, and they said they wanted to help people who are too shy to go out on a limb.  And who said there’s no dating scene at Stanford?

And since we’re on the subject of Meme, check out a Crazy Kobe Fan, a Kitten-Crazed little Girl, a cute little shell who is weird and tiny, and be sure to post links to your favorite videos.