Stanford Shopping Center Scavenger Hunt

Posted by at 11:33PM
Oh the Stanford Shopping Center.  Purveyor of the pricey, merchant to the moneyed, seller to the spenders.  It’s certainly not the most student-friendly mall there is.  Nonetheless, I’ve developed quite an affection for the outdoor behemoth, based on its excellence as a primer on the lifestyles of the rich and canine.  Honestly, there are more dogs in Gucci in those metallic pavilions than you could get if you put the Westminster Dog Show and Milan Fashion Week into the Hadron Collider.So what would a lazy Sunday be without the Stanford Shopping Center Scavenger Hunt?  To win the scavenger hunt, you must find all of the following4 dogs in designer clothes

A little kid carrying a Starbucks

Purple chocolate

Green chocolate

An off-duty model

A dress that is more than 1,000 dollars

More than 15 people in line at La Baguette

Someone carrying more than two Apple products (Apple employees don’t count)

Two boyfriends standing around awkwardly in Victoria’s Secret

A freshman wearing a lanyard looking for a Frosh Formal dress

The perfect Frosh Formal dress

Those shoes that have super-defined toes

At least two wealthy tourists speaking another language (bonus points if it’s Dutch)



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