This Week In Stanford 2/27/12 – 3/5/12

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It’s petition season! Although many people consider this the season of Lent, or the advent of spring, at Stanford it is a time to blindly sign petitions for groups asking for special fees. Whether it’s for new costumes for a dance team, or a Segway, chances are you will not fully understand what you’ve endorsed. This is especially true since the petitions are open and a good friend can give you a guilt trip when you’re not one of the first people to sign your name. Here’s to the beginning of ASSU election time!

If you want a list of something you will read, check out the news below.

  • Despite how much people mock it, Valley Girl slang is setting the vocal trends for our generation. Rather than a mistake, it’s a tool  with a “stylistic end.” Linguistics Professor Penny Eckert chimed in to say how young women are setting the standards for how people talk. I have no idea whether this is good or bad.
  • The opening of the Bing Concert Hall getting closer and closer. In anticipation of a summer completion,  officials have released a listing of the concert hall’s first performances. Opening with Stanford performances alongside the SF Symphony, this venue will host shows from Yo Yo Ma, Los Lobos, and Glenn Kotche all within the first few months.
  • Scientists have found a new kind of  planet, and we’re not talking about Pluto here. Researchers from the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics now predict that there are nomad planets, distinct from stars, floating through our galaxy. This could change our understanding of space and the Big Bang. It also shows that term planet is starting to encompass more and more of those objects scientists are finding in space.
  • Before the upcoming election, Jay Roach ’79 reminded the Stanford  community about our last major political race through the pre-screening of his movie the Game Change. The producer claims that it’s a “factually accurate” account of how Sarah Palin was chosen as John McCain’s running mate. You can determine if that’s true by checking out the real premiere on March 10th on HBO.
  • My next piece of news isn’t actually Stanford-related but I think it merits mentioning. Pinterest is one of my favorite new distractions and I know many other students that have been caught in its web. BUT if you’re a guy and you don’t like wading through the clothes and cupcakes on the original Pinterest, I recently discovered It was E-Week  last week; I think the site is fun example of entrepreneurship.



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